Friday, July 15, 2011

Fab 5 Fridays

Fab 5 Friday is where I count down the top five things on my mind this week.
This was originally going to be Day 11 of the 15-Day Photo Challenge, a photo with a friend and a memory, but I couldn't pick just one friend! Heck, I had trouble narrowing it down to 5, but 5 I did. These are in NO particular order, hence, no numerals.
The five most fabulous people in my life today are . . .

Jj, nicknamed She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed because, well, if you do what she says, no one will get hurt and we'll all be winners like she is. She even kicked cancer's ass and ran him out of town. I want to be her when I grow up.

Next, there's the Diva of All That's Good and Red. (These are real names, by the way, and have not been changed to protect the fabulous.) She lights up all the dark corners of my life, and I simply won't live without her.

And what about Me-Me, my sister/sister-in-law/best friend forever who is Gayle to my Oprah and Oprah to my Gayle. Everybody needs a Gayle in their life, someone who always says, no matter what the situation, "You can do this."

I cannot, will not forget Miss C; not even in a pool, not even after school. Though she's not yet my age, she is my sage. (Enough already with the rhyming. Who am I, Dr. Scholl?) Anyway, Miss C is forever in my corner, the first one I hear from whether I've had good news or bad. She guided me through the worst period in my life. Life as I know it today, would not be the same were it not for her.

And last but not in the least bit the least, There's Ri-Ri, who I've known since we were in 7th grade. She taught me everything I know about life, how to be loving, giving, kind and thoughtful. So highly do I think of her, she is the Godmother to both my children. (She also taught me everything I know about sex, so Sarge should be thanking her. But that's a whole other post.)

Who is/are your best friends and why? Inquiring minds and all that.


Anonymous said...

Wow! The fact that you have good friends is a testament to your character and kind, loving , caring nature. Thanks for always doing you!!!!!

Anonymous said...

That was from turtonc! I must have hit the wrong button and off it went. Turtonc

Anonymous said...

You are fabulously, divinely wonderful and I am so blessed to call you friend and honored to be in your fab five. Need I even say that you're in mine as well? Okay, I'll say it - you are one of the five most fabulous people in my life! Love you, JJ

MsALWalker said...

Thanks Miss C, and Jj. I love you!