Sunday, May 2, 2010


Seeing President Barack Obama in person is a new addition to my Bucket List. I never thought I'd have that chance, but when the opportunity popped up, my friends and I jumped on it. It was a bright and sunny Monday, and Me, Jj and The Diva were ladies on the loose and looking fabulously harmless, but really quite dangerous if we could get close enough for a photo op with POTUS.

It was a fundraiser for Barbara Boxer under the guise of You scratch my back (contribute to my campaign), and I'll get you in to see the President of These United States (up close and personal). So we pay our monies and trek over to the California Science Center. We know we are in the right place as we walk up, because who is in line right in front of us? Tate Donovan of the TV show Damages. Bonus! (And we don't even work on Wall Street!)
We get in, and of course, first things first, we head straight to the host bar. We get our drinks, and try to catch the servers as they circulate with miniature hors d'oeuvres too tiny even for a munchkin. India.Arie performs, Boxer speaks, and then there Obama is, looking so smart and handsome. Right away, he starts his speech by thanking Big Name Attendees, but he seemed to have forgotten to thank The Diva. No worries; she helps him out by yelling out her own name. Check it out at the 35-second mark in the video below.

His speech was inspiring, the crowd was awestruck, and I was three feet away from the President of the United States! It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and worth every cent, but let me tell you something: I would have paid double the fee to see Michelle. Yes, we're on a first name basis, she just doesn't know it yet.

And while I didn't get to shake Obama's hand myself, I was able to play the paparazzi and snap The Diva slipping the surly bonds of the rope line and touching the hand of our Commander in Chief. Look closely in the video below, and don't blink or you'll miss her long gray-sleeved arm reaching out to touch him.

Cross Number 91 off my Bucket List.

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