Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Why YOU need a Bucket List

There you are minding your own business in your Barcalounger, watching TV for a little R&R, and suddenly you see something that makes you think, Boy, that sure looks like fun; I'd like to do that one day. Or maybe you hear your neighbors raving about their latest jaunt to Jamaica, and you think, Wouldn't that be a nice second honeymoon some day when the kids are grown, and out of college, and married with children?

And then the next thing you know, you're rocking back and forth, gathering steam to rock out of that same Barcalounger because now you have sciatica. Or you're looking wide-eyed and wanting from your nursing home bed, waiting for the grandkids to make their bi-yearly visit. Or worse yet, you're ambulatory, but pinching pennies because you didn't get the memo that Social Security was only supposed to supplement your retirement, not sponsor it.

"Some day" has finally arrived, and what do you have to show for it? A walking cane, a raggedy recliner, and a dream deferred.

No regrets, please. That, my friends, is why YOU need a Bucket List, a list of your dreams, your hopes, your wishes and desires. And don't just keep them in the back of your mind. Write. Them. Down. That's when they become real, and when they become real, you are more inclined to do them.

Trust me, you will feel such a sense of accomplishment once you've checked even one thing off your list, and that exhilaration will launch you onwards and upwards to your next adventure.

And don't feel that it has to be extraordinary adventures, either, like swimming with a one-eyed dolphin, or swinging through the Amazon rain forest on a grapevine. Maybe that grapevine is put to better use making your own wine. Or maybe you want to learn to Samba like the Brazilian baby on YouTube.

So don't wait until you die a clinical death on the operating table to see the light and come back a changed person. Do it now. See the light, be the light, because you are the light of your own life.

Now go make that list!

Next up: How To Build a Better Bucket List


Kay said...

Thought provoking post...I'm looking forward to "how to build a better bucket list" especially since mine isn't on paper...yet. your photo and the caption under it. Keep writing!


Margo Dill said...

Hi Arlene:
Love this! I actually make like a vacation bucket list--one of my places is Seattle, one is Ireland, and one is the Grand Canyon. Okay, so now I've shared it with you, and I really have a bucket list now. :)
Thanks for this thought-provoking blog!

Dunnie said...


What an attractive blog design!

I decided we must be kindred spirits. I am into lists, too. You'll notice that when you read my first entry.

Photos are great and add so much to your material.

Write on!

haven46 said...

The Brazilian baby could be a member of the Gator's if the group starts to perform again. My bucket list is short,so the items can be obtained by 2011; then I will make some more.

I, Star Woman said...

LOL, the Brazilian Baby would put the Gators to shame. The Gators are threatening to reunite for a performance at Sarge's retirement party. Sounds like a terrorist threat to me.

haven46 said...

That would be great, free entertainment.I be their to cheer them on and help them get up off the floor

I, Star Woman said...

LOL, Ri-Ri

Annette Renee White said...

I absolutely LOVE Bucket Lists, I've had one for years {even started a website dedicated to it}.
Great Post & I agree with living life with NO REGRETS!

I, Star Woman said...

Nice website, Annette! Kudos to you!