Monday, April 4, 2011


. . . and neither does my BFF Rita. That's why she's one of the top five people I admire most. Why? Because she didn't wait for anyone else to make her happy; she did it herself. How did she do that? Easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. She'd always wanted to visit our State Capitol.

2. She didn't wait around for someone to take her or go with her.

3. She just got up and went. Alone. By herself.

It was a special birthday present to herself. She hopped on a plane, jaunted to Sacramento, got a hotel room, took a tour of the California State Senate (at the exorbitant tour price of $Free.99), stood outside Schwarzenegger's office (our Gov at the time), went inside the Governor's Mansion (vacant since the Reagan Era because of security concerns), explored the museum, enjoyed the Memorial Gardens out back, and appreciated the architecture all around.

My Dad always said to me, Leenie, if you want anything done right, do it yourself. Rita did it herself, for herself, by herself. She was the inspiration for my Saturday night date in the blogpost titled Me, Myself and Arlene.

Is there something on your Bucket List you've always wanted to do, but are still waiting for someone to accompany you? What if no one else wants it as badly as you do? What if no one steps up to the plate? Are you NOT going to do it?

Time waits for no one. Don't let it run out on you.
Rita's scrapbook page of the California State Capitol

Outside the Governor's Mansion
Outside the Governor's office.


injaynesworld said...

At 62 (this month) and having been single my entire life, I've pretty much gotten used to doing what I want in the company of my favorite person -- moi. Sure, there are some things that are more fun with friends, but if there's something I really want to do, I'll do it alone.

You're right. Life doesn't wait for you to find a date. Good for Rita!

101 Things Before You Die said...

That's my motto! I even do that for my birthday-I make all the plans for my birthday and then I'm assured that it will be exactly what I wanted!

MsALWalker said...

BOTH of you are ahead of the game. Kudos to you!