Friday, April 8, 2011

Fab 5 Friday

Class + beauty, all rolled up into one sex kitten = Elizabeth Taylor. One day, I'm going to throw my own little retrospective of her work right in my living room.

In honor of Fab 5 Friday where I list my favorite things of the moment, here's a list of Liz's movies that will get top billing on my marquis:

1. Cat on a Hot Tin Roof - Talk about your complex relationships! Brick (co-star Paul Newman) and Maggie the Cat were like fire and ice. I needed a cigar after watching that movie. No one can wear a slip like Liz Taylor.

2. Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? - Me. I was. Still am. I couldn't take my eyes off her riveting performance, though. It was like watching a train barreling towards you; you want to get out of its way, but you take too long to move, and you're hooked on the Taylor-Burton train as they drag you into their dysfunction.

3. Cleopatra - I just remember it being a color-filled feast for the eyes. I wanted to be an Egyptian queen after that, and the following Halloween, I was.

4. Father of the Bride - I just realized what an impact Liz had on my formative years. After watching this movie, I wanted to be a bride and break the National Bank of Dad, too. My dad was already broke, though; it wouldn't have taken much.

5. Little Women - I saved the best for last. Amy was played by none other than Teen Taylor, and one of her sisters was an unrecognizable Janet Leigh (long before Psycho). I watch this movie every holiday season.

What's your favorite Elizabeth Taylor movie?


101 Things Before You Die said...

I grew up on National Velvet but Cat on a Hot Tin Roof is probably my adult favorite. Between her and Paul Newman, just too much beauty for one screen.

ColorFilled said...

Have you seen Liz in Rain Tree County? Gorgeous southern belle she made, the accent was wonderful. I think A Place in the Sun with Montgomery Cliff as the husband willing to kill his wife, played by Shelley Winters, so he can have Liz, was haunting and Liz was incandescent.

MsALWalker said...

Liz was beautiful in ALL her movies. It's unanimous.