Friday, February 11, 2011


Welcome to a new slice of the Adventure Salon pie, FAB 5 FRIDAYS where we flash the top five list of. . . well, you name it.

This week, in honor of Black History Month, and to commemorate the rich culture of African-Americans in film, we list my top five movies featuring people of color. These are in no particular order, because if they were The Color Purple would headline the marquis.
Grab your popcorn and a watermelon martini, then click on the links for a sneak preview

1. Cooley High - starring Glynn Turman and whatever-happened-to-and-I-wonder-if-he's-still-fine Lawrence Hilton Jacobs.

2. A Soldier's Story - Howard E. Rollins (may he rest in peace) and Denzel Washington (People tell Sarge he looks like Denzel. He believes them.)

3. Dead Presidents - Larenz Tate, Chris Tucker (The most realistic portrayal of cold-blooded killers ever.)

4. The Color Purple - Whoopie Goldberg, Danny Glover, and my beloved Oprah Winfrey (who said my favorite line - "You better bop Mister upside his head and think about heaven later.)

5. Lady Sings the Blues - Diana Ross, Lando Clarissian, er, I mean, Billy Dee Williams. (This is my favorite sing-along movie where I play all the parts, too. Favorite line said by Billy Dee: "You want my arm to fall off?")

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injaynesworld said...

I loved Lady Sings the Blues. That Billy Dee was so handsome and Diana Ross -- boy, she had some acting chops in that film.