Monday, February 28, 2011

#119 Book-a-Licious Author Visit

If you haven't heard about the novel 32 Candles yet, don't worry; you can see it in the theaters as the movie rights have already been sold.

32 Candles is Ernessa T. Carter's take-off on the movie Sixteen Candles, only the main character is African-American, and it's sixteen years later that the main character seeks her Molly Ringwald ending. I came to this book via Twitter that was hot with buzz about Ms. Carter's book. The author held a contest where if you leave a review on Amazon, she'll send you a T-shirt. I did! I sent her my address via Email and she dashed my prize off pronto. The T-shirt has the cover of her book on it, and has become part of my daily wear. I wear it to the grocery store, the gym, the movies, and church. (Ok, kidding about the church. Settle down.)

Also in the Email, I inquired of her whether she had any inclination to attend any book clubs. She said yes, I invited her, she came. It was the largest attended meeting in Book-a-Licious Book Club history. Almost every member brought a guest, which is not only allowed, but encouraged! Thirty people (including two other authors) were privileged to discuss with Ernessa her writing journey and her not-so-circuitous route to publication. She was open with us, and amenable to autographing copies of 32 Candles, and generous to boot, as she brought swag with her!
Having an author visit Book-a-Licious Book Club, Number 119 on my Bucket List. Much love to Ernessa T. Carter!


101 Things Before You Die said...

Wow! You got the get! Congrats on getting her to come to your book club.

Kay Elam said...

One day I want to see this bucket list of yours -- in its entirety. It sounds like a book of its own.

Can I get 32 Candles on Kindle yet?

MsALWalker said...

Thanks Jess! I love my swag.

MsALWalker said...

Hi Kay, Yes. That's how I read 32 Candles, Kindle version. If I were smart, I would have put a link to Amazon, huh? Don't tell Margo. :-(

MsALWalker said...

Oh!!! And my ENTIRE Bucket List is just a click away on the sidebar. Check it out.