Sunday, August 31, 2008


Moonshine, a watering hole, and squirrels on a spit might be the way some folks would have celebrated the Labor Day Weekend, but not me, and not my girls.

Instead, my SistahFriends and I got together for a leisurely Saturday afternoon without our men, and lounged around the pool in our bikinis sipping cosmopolitans and eating BBQ. Throw in one jacuzzi, add a dash of music, mix in a professional masseuse and that equals fun for all. What a way to celebrate the beginning of the end of summer with an all-girls pool party, #61 on my Bucket List.

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Anonymous said...

You are the true Sista, Arlene. You have the heart and the soul that the sistahood needs! That's why I've always enjoyed your company so much. You have IT! Love, msbelizeanc