Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I was but a wee first-grader when President Kennedy was shot. I remember where I was, though, when I heard the news. My teacher stopped teaching and went into the hallway where other teachers were starting to come together. We students knew something sober and somber had happened, we just didn't know what yet. And when I found out, I maybe didn't understand the ramifications of it, but I certainly felt the magnitude of that moment.

I felt that same way today, that something significant had happened, but this time it was something great. I saw Hillary Clinton come forward with awe-inspiring grace to cut short the floor vote at the Democratic National Convention to nominate her former opponent, Barack Obama, as the next President of the United States of America.

This is one giant step for America. It's larger than life, and we should be proud of ourselves. True, our work is not done yet, but let us bask in this historical moment.

Today, I celebrated #99 on my Bucket List: I lived to see an African-American become the Democratic Presidential Nominee. I never thought I would. Thank you, America, and God bless you.

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Patricia W. said...

I was an infant when Kennedy was shot although I feel like I was alive because I've heard about it all my life and seen the photos so many times, including the Life magazine issue we used to own that captured the event in photos.

But I'll remember this Democratic convention too. Certainly the roll call and I hope, Obama's acceptance speech.