Saturday, August 16, 2008


Everyone's idea of heaven is a little different, and we're all probably right. Paradise is a place of great happiness and great beauty, a Garden of Eden. It's perfect bliss reached by the absorption of oneself into the spirit, where the soul becomes one with the universe, and you can eat all the Nutter Butter cookies you want without gaining a pound.

None of us have witnessed it firsthand, but there is a place that's close to my ideal, except for the gaining weight part.

It's a place where Sarge and I went with a couple who shall remain nameless (or else they'd have to kill you . . . or me.) This paradise has the largest outdoor aquarium in the world, featuring six lagoons with lush plant life surrounding it, 40 waterfalls, five swimming pools, at least 19 restaurants, one giant pyramid waterslide, a dolphin cay, and underwater walkways for viewing the sharks. It was a teeth-gnashing experience watching the diver clean the shark tank. And did I mention they have a casino? Where is this oasis, you might ask? Atlantis, Paradise Island, Nassau, The Bahamas, #73 on my Bucket List.

It's a luxury resort where the likes of Michael Jordan and Oprah Winfrey stay (not together, silly). It's a bit on the expensive side, but better if you get the all-inclusive package that includes meals, a massage, and two beach towels that you don't have to steal. It was just a relaxing vacation where you eat, sleep, relax, then eat and sleep some more. We were so comfortable at the resort we never left the premises to see the rest of Nassau. Oh, well, just another excuse to go back some day.

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