Monday, August 1, 2011

Day 14 of 15-Day Photo Challenge

Continuing with my 15-Day Photo Challenge -- and what a challenge it is! Who knew?
I thought I'd mix it up with a video, so turn up the volume (haven't mastered sound techniques yet) and take a tour around my room.


Kay said...

Loved, loved, loved this! First, I got to hear your voice. I always like to put voices with pictures and yours matches perfectly. Next, your work room is (no offense) as messy as mine. I laughed out loud at the Obama coke and was intrigued by your Obamabilia shelf--actually I just liked the work Obamabilia.

I just got a MAC laptop. Still figuring it out. Do you know how to get to the top of a doc (PC it was control home) -- driving me crazy. Laptop keyboard is different and takes some getting used to.

What program do you use to write? I've always used MS Word, but am hearing great things about Scrivener. Was just wondering if you used it yet.

Way too much for a comment. Should have sent an e-mail, but it's here now :-) Again, loved the video and all of the photo challenge.

MsALWalker said...

Kay, the first thing I did was look up shortcuts for the MAC. To get to the top of the document, press the command key + the "up" arrow at the same time. Command + Home takes you to your home page. Command + T opens up all of your popular pages (LOVE that one!). For more, just Google MAC keyboard shortcuts. Thanks for stopping by.
P.S. I should copyright "Obama-bilia" LOL