Monday, August 15, 2011

Pageant of the Masters

What the hell is a Pageant of the Masters, anyway? I'd heard about this artistic event for years, but no one could adequately describe what it was. Is it animal or vegetable? Is it a bird or a plane? Is it Superman or Batman, or just a man (which would be fine, especially if he were in Speedos). Oh. It's not that kind of pageant?
"Then what is it?" I asked.
"Living pictures," one friend said. I was intrigued. My BFF Jj (aka She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed) said I should come with her, so we joined in with a great group of ladies who were also going for the first time.
We arrived in Laguna Beach long before the 8 o'clock show, so we had dinner at Tivoli Terrace -- an Italian restaurant that specializes in a mean margarita -- after which we strolled through the Laguna Festival of Arts where they have everything from oil paintings to nail portraits (art made completely from rusty nail heads!). The jewelry was truly wear-able art.

When we got to the outdoor amphitheater, the night was magical. Stars were out, sculptures surrounded the gardens, and then the stage came alive. Literally.
Pageant of the Masters is ninety minutes of "living pictures," incredibly faithful art recreations of classical and some contemporary works with real people posing to look exactly like their counterparts in the paintings. It was better than sugar on Shredded Wheat. A live orchestra accompanied the live narration, making the make-believe absolutely believable.
I urge you to visit the website for a better taste. Even the tickets were pretty (see below)!

Thank you, Jj, for helping me strike Number 152 off of my Bucket List.

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