Monday, May 9, 2011

Murder at the Arclight

Well, not so much a murder as it is research for a story about murder. It takes place at Hollywood's famous Arclight Theater, so to help me on my reconnaissance mission, my son took me there as an early Mother's Day gift. After all, according to Paul Simon, a mother and son reunion is only a notion away . . . or is it an ocean away?

Anyway, The Arclight, Number 136 on my Bucket List, is a state of the art 14-screen multiplex where every seat is advertised as the best in the house, and boasts a chicken sausage baguette on the menu right underneath the Carmel Corn made fresh daily on the premises. It's the movie-goer's cinema of choice that has a cafe, a gift shop, and even a bar. Their popcorn is made with real butter and served in cups instead of a paper bag to keep that annoying rustling sound to a minimum. The owners take their movie-going seriously, folks.

So we got there seriously early, had lunch at the cafe, wine at the bar, and bought novelty books at the gift shop, one of which was titled "The Snark Handbook, Insult Edition."

After that, we sat in cushy-cush director's chairs and enjoyed a screening of Scream 4, which turned out to be not as smarmy as I thought it would be. We killed off another item on my Bucket List.

Thanks, Son! Mommie loves you!

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101 Things Before You Die said...

Wow, that sounds like an awesome movie going experience! If I make my way to LA, I may have to make a point to go to the Arclight!