Friday, January 14, 2011

How To Repel Rodents

It's hard to believe it's already another New Year. Why didn't time fly like this when I was pregnant with my daughter? Those nine months seemed like ten years. But that was eons ago, and this is a new year, and a new year always drags in with it the urge to reflect on what will be accomplished this year.

I must tell you, it's getting pretty tight on Ye Olde Bucket List. I've pulled off, racked up, and carried out over 80% of it by my count, but I'm no math wizard. (See pregnancy referenced above.) So now I have an appetite for new adventures, new escapades, new shenanigans to be added, preferably the kind I can do in my home town (as I have two, count them, two destination weddings to attend this year), and preferably ones that don't involve me trespassing into Sarge's man cave, because he hasn't given me the combination to the lock yet.

(Just kidding about the lock. If there was going to be a lock, I would be the one to put it there, if only to lock out the odor of smelly socks and flatulence, a pungent combination that could be bottled and used to repel rodents.)

But I digress.

I am seeking suggestions from you, my dear friends, as to what I should add to my Bucket List this year. Perhaps you could share something from your own list that you think would be a good fit. The life you save may be my own.

Help a sistah out.

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kay Elam said...

I think a trip to Nashville, TN -- Music City USA. I can see you closing down some of the Honkey tonks on Music Row. Oh, wait. They don't close.