Monday, January 24, 2011


If you were a court reporter for thirty years because you went to steno school right out of high school;

If you wrote down trial proceedings in a high volume criminal court for eight hours a day because the judges you worked for were making a name for themselves on the backs of their staff and wouldn't take decent breaks, even for the love of God;

If you then developed carpal tunnel syndrome bilaterally -- that's in both hands -- and bilateral cubital tunnel (that's carpal tunnel of the elbows), and three of the discs in your spine began to rebel and protrude so much that you couldn't sit for prolonged periods of time except with excruciating pain;

If you then beseeched your employer for modified or alternative work to minimize your pain and suffering, and said employer told you to kick rocks and pound sand;

If you were then forced to file a worker's comp claim and sue said employer, and win. . .

Then you, too, could retire at 50.

But don't try this at home, folks. It can be dangerous to your health.

Retire at age 50, Number 13 on my Bucket List.

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