Saturday, March 27, 2010

How To Give A Back Yard Party

Number 9 on my Bucket List: How to Throw a Back Yard Party in 10 easy steps.

1. Always, ALWAYS start with a nap.

2. Use place cards and a seating chart.

3. For God's sake, let someone else do the cooking.

4. But always make your signature dish yourself.

5. Have a Tequila Taste Test (and a bartender!).

6. Hire your camera shy daughter to take the pics...

7. . . .of your very good friends. . .

8. . . . having a good time.

9. Tell wild stories NO one will believe.

10. Make sure the Diva of All That's Good and Red is there.

1 comment:

Bra$$ said...

lol @ wild stories no one will believe. great caption