Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Become a Published Writer

That was Number 89 on my Bucket List ( and the list is in no particular order of importance,) So I embarked on a writing journey. I wrote a short story about the Watts Riots of 1965 and entered it into the Writer's Digest Writing Competition. Don't get excited. I didn't win, but I did garner an Honorable Mention in their magazine. They sent me a certificate and everything, which I promptly framed and put in front of my writing space. Don't laugh, either. I take it where I can get it. This is me and my reaction to winning 34th place.

Then I wrote another short story -- actually, it was Flash Fiction -- and I entered that in the WOW Women on Writing Fall 2009 Contest, and this time out of 300 entries, I won 2nd place!

Now when people ask me what I do, I can legitimately say, I AM A WRITER! PUBLISHED! And say it with a straight face (actually I'll probably be giggling.)

Read my winning entry here: Colored Girl Movie.
Read my interview in The Muffin here.
Cross off Number 89 on my Bucket List here.


Chely said...

Hi Arlene,

Congrats on your HM in the Writer's Digest contest. What a huge accomplishment.

I was so in awe of your WOW! entry...simply phenomenal. I managed an honorable mention, but the day the winners were announced I read yours out loud to my husband. When I was done he said, "You didn't stand a chance." I laughed. It was true. I emailed YOUR story to all my writer friends, and I am not alone in thinking yours should've been at the very top.

Loved it. Truly. Thanks.

I, Star Woman said...

Thank you, Chely,
You are too kind for words! And thank your husband, too. :~)