Thursday, April 8, 2010


One must stay grounded to one's roots, and so even though my Bucket List has me venturing all over the world, I can still find a thrill in my own hometown.

When I heard that Sweet Honey in the Rock (an all-woman, all African-American, all a cappella group) was coming to town, my sister Denise and I beat a path to the door of Disney Hall. Neither of us had ever been.
Disney Hall is one of the gems of our city. It's a masterpeice by architect Frank Gehry (as pictured below), in collaboration with master acoustician Yasuhisa Toyota. I know...I had to look it up, too. An acoustician is really a scientist of sound, and let me tell you, Yas (as I refer to him because I feel like we're friends now) makes this Hall state of the art; plus, the walls and ceiling are finished with Douglas fir and oak. That's gotta help! What ambience it has, and good champagne, too.

In the beginning, some of the neighbors in surrounding high-rise condos complained that the glare from the reflective exterior caused their air-conditioning bills to skyrocket. Can't have that; this is a recession! No worries, though. The powers that be sanded the offending mirror-like panels, and all was right again in the world.

Thank you Lillian Disney for this magnificent gift to Los Angeles. We love it!
Cross Number 90 off the Bucket List.

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