Wednesday, October 8, 2008


In the days of my youth, which now seem like another dimension of time, I saw Natalie Woods go skinny dipping in a movie called This Property is Condemned, also starring Robert Redford. I thought, ooh, that must be SO refreshing! And ever since then, I've wanted to go skinny dipping, Number 38 on my Bucket list. When I had the opportunity, I didn't have the nerve; when I had the nerve, I didn't have the opportunity. Now, the twain has met. The kids no longer live at home, so I have no excuse, except that the neighbors on EVERY side have a view of our pool.

So one night, we felt spontaneous, (and when I say "we" I mean Sarge), and we drove down to our home in Palm Springs. Even though we have neighbors on all sides there, too, we have the high drama of tall shrubbery to seclude the pool. Of course, I still had trouble gathering my nerves together, so while I undressed and put my robe on, Sarge turned off all the lights in the house as well as those in the yard and in the pool. He made it so dark I had to yell "Marco Polo" for him to find me.

I quickly disrobed and jumped in the pool naked as the day I was born, and Sarge splashed in behind me.

"Exhilarating, isn't it?" I said, giddy with delight.

"No," he corrected me, "energizing." He swam off with his famous butterfly stroke.

"Un-uhn . . . invigorating," I shot back as I shimmied the cold water off, and laid back and began doing the backstroke.

"No," said Sarge watching me pass by, "Stimulating."

And now, when my friends read this, they'll never want to swim in my pool again, because I've given them too much information.

The skinny-dipping occurs about six minutes into this video.

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