Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hola, chicas y hombres!!!!

My espanole is not very good because, well, I'm not Hispanic. Of the many ethnicities swimming around in my DNA, Spanish is not one of them.

However, in my travels, I realize that every foreign country we visit, the people there speak English as a second language. Americans are far behind in that respect, so I decided when in Rome, speak Romish . . . or Italian; whatever floats your gondola. Actually, I've chosen Spanish as my second language, #21 on my Bucket List, and it has nothing to do with California being 60% Hispanic. (I'm lying; it has a lot to do with it.)

You'd be surprised how many Spanish words you already know that you didn't know you knew because you didn't know they were Spanish words. Who knew?

Salsa = the dance AND the dip
Fiesta = party
Margarita = margarita (Hmmm.....I see a pattern developing)
Bicycletta = bicycle
La Economia esta fallando = ..........You guessed it! The Economy is failing.

And if that's not enough Spanish for you, check out Rosetta Stone software. It teaches you using the immersion method, so there are NO English translations to fall back on. You must learn the language.

Well, hasta la vista, Bambinos!
(Okay, I mixed Spanish with Italian, but you figured it out, didn't you?)

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