Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Lisbon, Portugal is a city marred by catastrophes. In one day, it was hit by a magnitude 8.9 earthquake that lasted six minutes. If you live in L.A., you know that's more than twice as long as our worst earthquake. Since Lisbon is a city by the sea, 45 minutes after that earthquake, a tsunami hit. In the areas unaffected by the tsunami, fires broke out, and flames raged for five days. These events were studied, and led to the birth of seismology.

In effect, the City of Lisbon, Number 66 on my Bucket List, was destroyed in a single day. (Maybe it should have been number 666?) But that was back in 1755, and today it is all well and good. We toured it by tram and noticed the reconstructed buildings were now covered with ceramic tile, very beautiful, very sturdy. They are known for their tile-making, so I bought a couple tiles to use as trivets.

The first photo is a home in a residential district, the second one is me in front of a tiled building, the third is a pic of a monastery where I should have signed Sarge up for monkhood. The real catastrophe is that I didn't.

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