Saturday, August 14, 2010

10 Ways to Build a Better Bucket List

1. Be a swashbuckler. Do something outside your comfort zone. If buckling swashes is not for you, please see Number 2.

2. Forrest Gump-ify. Simple is as simple does. Take joy in life's simple pleasures. Sometimes, it's the little things that count; add them to your list.

3. Be a fearless flyer. Don't fear the unknown just because you don't know about it. You just might discover you aren't who you thought you were.

4. Be curious. Like when you were nine months old and could pass the time fascinated crumpling a sheet of paper. Remember how powerful that felt. Recapture that feeling. You were making yourself happy.

5. Talk to people. The quiet guy in your office that occupies the corner cubicle, you now, the one with the pocket protector and thick glasses -- he may have forgone Lasix just so he could afford hang gliding on the weekends. Get ideas from other people and add them to your list.

6. Get a bucket list buddy. There's nothing like being a wingman, a collaborator, a partner in crime on someone else's adventures.

7. Be altruistic. Being of service to others gladdens the heart and mends fences.

8. Be interesting. And not just to win friends and influence people, either! Interesting people do interesting things.

9. Be present and engaged. Live in the now, as Oprah would say. Close your eyes and think: what could I do right this very minute that I've never done, but always wanted to? Go on, then. Dance naked around your living room; just close the blinds first.

10. Surprise yourself. Allow your actions to speak volumes.

Once you've made your list (or added to it), tell others about it. Give voice to it. Shout out to the world and tell them these are the things I'm going to do before I kick the bucket. Then, SWOOSH, Just Do It.

What's on your Bucket List now?


Kay said...


I'm inspired to update my bucket list right now. Very clever presentation. Excellent!

MsALWalker said...

Hey Kay! Take inspiration where you can get it. Thanks for the stopping by.