Monday, August 9, 2010


I don't know why I haven't written about this before now. It's so obvious that I forgot:

Create your own website, Number 51 on my Bucket List. Blogs count, too, don't they?

It all started one dark and windblown night a couple of years ago when I wondered, how do I create my own website at home? That's when I surfed the net and learned that was FREE, and I could have an internet platform from which to . . . well, do anything I wanted. Thus Adventure Salon was born, a place where I could write about the thing that is very close to my heart: living your best life.

It's taken me a while to really get the site going at maximum capacity, but with a little help from my friend and blog wizard Margo Dill, I set up blogkeeping in my own little corner of the Emerald Forest, and followed her yellow brick road to gadgets, and widgets and bears, OH MY!

I even dabbled in HTML, which I thought I knew NOTHING about, and it's all paid off. In the last month, I've gotten 30 new followers -- who for some reason don't register on my widget (my fault, I'm sure; HTML can be a wicked witch!) -- and had 53% increase in traffic, and Alexa ranks me number 6,034, 795 out of all the websites in the U.S. (Don't laugh; I take it where I can get it.) Of course, a lot of that is due to my ramping up my tweet time on Twitter where I pick up followers in my limousine and drive them over to my blog, no tip necessary.

And now I can blog about what's on my Bucket List any time I want, and hopefully encourage others to pursue their dreams, no matter how big or how small. Sometimes, it's the little things that count.

Unlike Citibank, I don't care what's in your wallet. What's on your Bucket List?


Kay said...

Great post! I'm heading to bed with a smile on my face. KE

I, Star Woman said...

Glad I could help, Kay!

Margo Dill said...

I love this post--you are so clever. And thanks for the mention! :) It is amazing all the things that we have already done--like build a website--that may be on our bucket lists, right? :) Now we have to tackle the ones that we haven't gotten to yet.