Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Lunch on the Seine

While the City of Paris has its own number on my Bucket List, certain things-to-do while-there deserve their own number, and that is the case with Lunch Cruise on the Seine, Number 68 on my Bucket List.

I have dragged Sarge to tons of romantic movies where we've seen a couple on board a boat dining while cruising down the Seine River in Paris, the most visited city in the world. That's what I wanted to do; Sarge humored me, and the Diva and the Doc came along with us. After all, they are our favorite couple to date. Not "to date" as in thus far, but "to date" as in go out with on a . . . well, you get the picture (see below).

On our very first trip to Paris -- the Diva and the Doc had been there before without us -- the four of us took the bus to the Eiffel Tower base and walked down to the pier. From there, we boarded the Bateaux Parisiens where the five-course meal was a memorable as the sights. We cruised past Notre Dame (the cathedral where the Hunchback lived), Pont de Invalides ( a suspension bridge MUCH smaller than our Golden Gate), Orsay Museum, Palais Bourbon (sadly, there was no bourbon there), Ile de la Cite ( an island smack dab in the middle of the city, an island that I will someday go back to), The Louvre Museum (where Sarge and I went on our second trip to Paris.)

I love, love, love Paris, and I shall return again and again. I wonder what Christmas is like in Paris. Hope Sarge wonders, too.

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