Friday, January 16, 2009

Costa del Sol

Talk about lifestyles of the rich and famous, well, we went to the jet set's playground where Antonio Banderas has a home, and Picasso was born. Yes, you guessed it, Malaga, a beach city on Spain's Costa del Sol, number 94 on my Bucket List.

Sarge and I -- along with our favorite couple, the Diva and the Doc -- first stopped in Marbella, a high-end beach town on the sun coast where the sidewalks are made of marble. Seriously. All of them. Real estate there, we were told, is the highest in all of Europe. I bought a new swimsuit there because we were going over to Puerto Banus, a beach where the wealthy park their yachts.

As we strolled along yachts-ville, we stumbled upon a street akin to Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, only more expensive. They say if you're driving a Mercedes here, you're poor. Well, we were on the bus, so what did that make us?

Rumor has it that King Faud of Saudi Arabia would bring his entire family here for a month each year and spend millions of dollars. Of course, he had 69 children -- no rumor, just fact -- so that may have been a bargain price for him.

This is a marble gazebo in one of the parks.

We were fakin' and shakin' like this was our yacht!

Diva even found a place for hair extensions.

While Sarge and I don't have a yacht, we have a boat load of good friends.
We don't have millions of dollars, either, but we've had thousands of good times.
We may not be wealthy, but we are pretty healthy, and even if we weren't, we'd make the best of that, too. We thank God for all of it.

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