Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sardines in Spain

Sometimes, when you go on a cruise, they have what I consider to be "filler" stops; little known places in between two major ports just to fill out the itinerary. Like the one time we cruised the Mexican Riviera, we stopped at Cabo San Lucas for three hours. What, pray tell, can you do in three hours?

Well, on our European cruise, we had one such stop at Vigo, Spain, world reknown as being the sardine capitol of the world. What, you didn't know? Me, either. Unfortunately, it is known for little else. Three hours was way too much time.

The only memorable thing happened as I disembarked the cruise ship. I was accosted by reporters from the local newspapaer, Faro de Vigo. They wanted my views on why an American tourista would choose to come to their little town instead of all the more famous places in Spain. "Why, for the sardines, of course," is what I told them, but really it was because the captain stopped the ship there.

Now, where's the shooting range, Sarge?

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