Thursday, September 11, 2008


Next stop on our European cruise was Gibralter, as in the rock of? It is a peninsula that separates Europe from Africa, and the Atlantic Ocean from the Mediterranean Sea. It is still governed by the British, and monkeys run wild and free there as if they own the place. We were warned ahead of time not to get too close to them, nor look them in the eye. And don't wear any shiny jewelry, either; it attracts them. Please be aware that they tend to snatch and grab purses because they think the tourists may have food in them.

Well, I was like, why are we stopping here again? This sounds too much like Southcentral L.A.

Having grown up in the projects, I learned when not to monkey around. We went to the only place the monkeys weren't, and that was in the shopping center. Good thing, too, because when we got back to the ship, we heard that an 86-year old woman wanted to see the cute little monkeys up close. They grabbed her shiny buckled purse. She wouldn't let go, so they knocked her down and broke her arm. Still she held on. They dragged her and scarred the whole left side of her face. She got a beat-down from some monkeys, and the monkeys won.

What I learned from that excursion? Stay out of monkey business.

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