Sunday, November 27, 2011

Nothing Is Promised

Having lost two family members in one year has caused me to re-evaluate and re-prioritize my life. You can run out of money, you can lose cherished loved ones (and therefore, their love) and there is never enough time for the things you want most to do.

So we have to make the time. Take the time.

I am sad to announce that Adventure Salon is closing its doors. Oh, I will still pursue my Bucket List, but my writing priority will now be my debut novel-in-progress.

For those of you interested, my novel is historical fiction about when the Cherokee Nation reneges on a promise to turn over land to its former slaves, a prideful ex-slave woman vows to fight for her rights. In the trials that follow, Sput Louie unwittingly sets in motion a sequence of events that land her back at the mercy of her former slave owner, forcing her to come to grips with a devastating personal tragedy and a long-buried secret.

It's been fun entertaining myself -- and hopefully you! -- with my Bucket List adventures, and who knows; some day I may take up ye olde blog again. So I'll keep this website open. Anyone who wishes to contact me can do so here (or Facebook. Or Twitter). I'll check back periodically just in case?

Thanks to you all.

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