Monday, October 10, 2011

Mission Accomplished

A road trip isn't a road trip unless you visit some random small town (Number 157 on my Bucket List), and explore it with big city curiosity. For the New and Improved Ricardos and Mertzes, that town was San Miguel, California, population 2,336. It doesn't get much smaller than that, and life isn't so random after all. If memory serves, my grandmother lived in this town for a bit during the early 70's. It was even smaller then, but it still has the same dry and dusty vista that I remembered as a child.
The Diva & The Doc with Father Junipero Serra

I wondered if everyone knows everyone else in this town like they do on soap operas. As San Miguel Turns kind of has a ring to it, or maybe Days of Our Dusty Lives. Anyway, that question was answered as we visited the town's tourist hotspot, the San Miguel Mission. Everyone that entered the shop (except us) was greeted by name. The curator of the museum there made us take the free self-guided walking tour, right after she asked us for a donation. The tour was really kind of nice.
Sarge praying. . .
. . . that I don't make him sleep here . . .

Next time, I'm coming back to visit San Miguel's nighttime hotspot The Elkhorn, that boasts "The oldest bar in the county!"
Yes, San Miguel has something for everyone, from the spiritual to the spirits.
San Miguel is Sarge's kind of town! Look how happy he is.

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