Monday, October 18, 2010

LOST in Kauai

Chickens and roosters run rampant on the island of Kauai, and they're pretty, too. Those are two facts I'm surprised to learn on my visit to the colorful island.

What Sarge and I don't see on the island is the iron hatch with the DHARMA Initiative logo on it, the Black Rock pirate ship, or any of the "Others" from the TV series Lost. Nor do we hear the steel-grating sound of the Smoke Monster, even though episodes were filmed on these very shores.

Okay, that's enough reminiscences for us Lost buffs and our bent towards unsolved mysteries. (Why DID the Smoke Monster make mechanical sounds?)

Flashsideways. What we do see in Kauai is very lush greenery, the most vivid horizon, and the bluest ocean I've ever seen; more vibrant even than the Caribbean, in my humble opinion. Maybe it just seems that way because we got our trip at half-price; the catch being -- and this is a plot twist -- we have to listen to a 90-minute timeshare pitch. Spoiler Alert! We end up buying the timeshare. Who knew, she said, throwing up her hands in wonderment.

Anyway, Kauai is a great place for lovers, so you'd better love the one you're with if you decide to come here because there's not much else to do. More than half the island remains uninhabited so visitors mostly lay on the beach and go to restaurants. We are not bowled over by the island's cuisine, though, except for Gaylord's Plantation restaurant. Worth every penny.

Also worth the price of admission is the Movie Island Tour where we see the film sites of Jurassic Park, South Pacific and some of the Elvis movies.

We didn't do any filming ourselves, but we did take photos. Check out the slide show in the sidebar. Sarge got some well-deserved rest, and I was able to cross off number "4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 32..." er I mean Number 78 off of my Bucket List.
(That's one last parting gift for you Losties)

What's on your bucket list?


Kay Elam said...

We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Kauai. Even got used to the roosters crowing around the clock.

Something fun to try the next time you return to your timeshare (I'm jealous) is zip-lining. We did an all day jaunt that ended up at an old fashioned "swimming hole." Have you crossed zip lining off your bucket list?


Karina said...

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injaynesworld said...

I have friends who moved to Kauai a few years ago and built a home. I had to laugh about the roaming chickens because my friends is amazing cook. One day in the road outside their home she found a chicken that had just been killed by a car. Far be it from her to let it go to waste. Yep. She plucked it, stuffed it, baked it and ate it. She says it was delicious. :)

MsALWalker said...

Great suggestion, Kay, but my spine objects to ziplining. :-)Sounds like fun, though.

Thanks, Karina!I'll check her out.

Jayne,You are TOO funny, and your friend is, too. Who knew roadkill could be so tasty?!

Krysten said...

I would be so excited to see where some of Elvis's movies were filmed. I love his movies and the happy soundtracks like "Girl Happy," and "Viva Las Vegas!"

I follow you on twitter @krystenlindsay

MsALWalker said...

It was cool, Krysten. We toured the now abandoned motel where Blue Hawaii was filmed. It had been destroyed by a hurricane, but you could still see rooms set up, the lounge, the kitchen, etc. Interesting to say the least.
That's two entries into the contest for you!

The "Undaunted" Warrior said...

I've been to Kauai, and I think it was of the most beautiful islands I've seen.