Monday, September 13, 2010

Fair Ladies

Life is not fair; get used to it. (Bill Gates)

Life may not be fair, but at least you can go to one. (Ms A.L. Walker)

And so that's what I did . . . I went to the Orange County Fair, and dragged my daughter along with me.

<~~~~~This is us clowning in the photo booth. I hadn't been to the County Fair in decades, so this was going to be a refresher course in how to re-live my youth. Upon entering the gates, the first thing to hit me is the sweet smell of cotton candy. While letting the pink sugar melt in my mouth, we pass by booths with BBQ corn-on-the-cob and chocolate-covered bacon. What a way to start your day! Get thee behind me, Diet Devil. As we pass through the food court, I realize that County Fairs invented supersizing, not Mickey D's. One corn dog could feed a family of four, and don't get me started on the buffalo-sized burgers, and the BBQ ribs look like they came off of bison. We then sashay over to the carnival booths -- (the snarky daughter refuses to swing her partner 'round and add in a little do-si-do) -- where I'm surprised I don't hear game barkers beckoning us to come play, but - WHEW! - I breathe a sigh of relief when I see that overstuffed animal prizes still line the walls.

We see exhibits, too, like ice sculptures, a pictorial history of the O.C. Fair (my personal favorite), and a cake decorating challenge. And who knew they had a Scrapbooking competition?! I'm entering this in next year's contest:

We do our part as conspicuous consumers, too, buying things we don't really need. Boy, those salespeople are good at what they do. We bought a picture of the Rat Pack, a steam iron, and not one but TWO, count them, TWO lumbar supports. "But wait. There's more." Snarky daughter bought a ton of beef jerky.

All in all, it was a lovely trip down memory lane, and some fun mother/daughter time, too.

Throw a dart in that Bucket List balloon, and burst Number 112 off the list.

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Kay said...

What a fun adventure. I can almost taste the cotton candy. Did they have funnel cakes? I think I gained three pounds just reading this.